About Us

Industrial Blending And Packaging Company was started by Jerry Schaefer and Bill Nelson, both veterans of the industrial compounding industry. They wanted to create facility that adhered to the highest industry standards, by building a facility that has been approved by the NSF, USDA, ADEQ and others agencies to ensure full compliance with state and federal standards.

Arizona Department of Enviromental Quality

Many facilities only cater to larger clients, and are only able to accommodate large batch blending. IBPCO is a smaller company, and specializes in serving not only the needs of big business,  but also serving the blending needs of small clients who may only need a few gallons mixed.

We mix product for clients all over the USA, and throughout Arizona. Our facility is conveniently located in Queen Creek, Arizona. The rural setting allows us to keep costs low, while still being just a few miles away from virtually every major shipping lane in the southwest.