Soil Remediation

Over time, soils can build up high concentrations of salts and other chemicals, both from fertilizer use over a long period of time and from run off and other contaminants that can affect the viability of the medium. Fortunately, farmers and agricultural experts know that there are ways of returning the soil to full productivity, both through the use of additives and other natural and organic mixtures that can remediate even the toughest soils.

Industrial Blending And Packaging Company ( IBPCO ) is located in a part of Arizona where farming is still a very real industry. We have been helping agro business with their soil, blending soil amendments, soil remediation and treatment, and more. If you need a facility to help with your soil treatment mixes, IBPCO is a top local provider. We are conveniently located in Queen Creek , AZ, close to major shipping lanes, and near many of the farms with whom we work.

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